Local Suppliers

Thirty years ago the locals called us the "Sprout Palace" because we grew all our own bean and alfalfa sprouts in mason jars in our beautiful big red diamond windows. We bought cheese from Sally Jackson and cream from Boyd Walton. We got all our milled flour from Treebeard and Raina raised with care by the Goldmarks. There has never been a shortage of great apples in the Okanogan as well as peaches, plums, tomatoes, garlic, and of course zucchini!
Just a few decades later we are still at it! Some of the farmers and ranchers in the valley have changed. We get amber honey from Ron & Gert now. Our flour suppliers now raise chickens for the eggs we use in our baking (that's their idea of retirement!). The Okanogan Valley produces garlic that is sent around the world. We still have access to the freshest berries, salmon, shallot, & greens imaginable. Our poached pears were grown 1/2 mile away from the Cafe, our huckleberries are hand picked & sustainable, and our cooks know how to cut a monster blue squash with an axe. 
For us it's been a way of life - downtown - rural - small town - our town - we call it...