Our kitchen strives to have each dish remind you of a home cooked meal at a good friends home. From our savory 'Grandma's Best' Pork Chops to our delicious Tuscan Pasta, every meal is prepared with the love and care we would cook for our own families with. 

Each day we serve a different Lunch & Dinner special bringing out the best flavors of the season. 


On Saturday's our cooks come to the floor for our hearty Breakfast Buffet, running 9am-1pm. We make fresh omelettes filled with your choice of meats, cheese, & vegetables. There are hot pancakes and French toast along with steaming bacon, sausage, and carved ham. Top your plate off with strawberries, home made whipped cream, steaming maple syrup, and a side of fresh fruit, yogurt & granola, and hot potatoes with pico de gallo.